„Highheeldoc"®: The No. 1 in High Heel Protection
Protect up to 8 pairs of shoes - High heels with one order!!!


We hereby introduce Highheeldoc, “the number 1” in high-heel protection, the ultimate!

Highheeldoc is a highly effective, but almost invisible high heel protector for pumps, Stilettos, High Heels, Peep Toes, etc.


A perfect High-Tec protection for your High Heels. Sizes from stilettos till cuban heel. Available in black and transparent.

Anger, trouble - stress - nerves

Almost every woman is familiar with one of the following scenarios: your precious high heels damaged, or worse still, ruined by the grid at the railway station, a bad walkway, cobble stone pavement, moving stairways, driving a car, or the many other situations where you can damage your high heels.

Suddenly it happened, your favourite pair of shoes have a highly visible scratch, the leather or material is badly damaged, ruptured or cracked. Yes, it hurts. Every woman who loves her shoes, is upset, annoyed or is getting angry about it.

We decided, to put an end to this frustrating situation by introducing a simple, but highly effective solution from south-America to Europe, our “Highheeldoc”.


Well-tried and well-proven

More than 30 years ago we got acquainted with our high heel protector in South-America and the Caribbean. We learned how easy it was to use and how effective it was in preventing damage.,

In those countries, the daily use of such a product is routine. Almost every woman uses such a high heel protector on her shoes, probably due to the fact, that the streets and walkway are mostly in poor condition or don’t exist. In addition, most of the women are wearing high heels all day long.

Our Highheeldoc solved the most frequent problems with damaged shoes completely and all the associated anger, stress and nerves were gone forever.

Conclusion: Applying the Highheeldoc protector to the ladies’ shoes was effective: no more scratches, cracked, torn, teared or ripped heels, or badly damaged leather. Gone were those bad experiences and memories. Simply through the use of an effective and easy to use high heel protector, our “Highheeldoc”.


The solution

The “Highheeldoc” is a simple, easy to use, perfect and almost invisible solution to the problem. Every woman or man can apply or put the high heel protector on your high heels. The only tool you need is a simple hairdryer. Thousands of women love the result, because our high heel protector is very solid, tough, hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is the perfect protection for high heels and almost invisible. In the future you can walk confident and relaxed through life on your high heels. You don’t have to worry any more about all those terrible things that can happen to your good-looking shoes. You will save money and nerves and you will continue to enjoy yourself, knowing that you look good in your lovely unblemished shoes. No more stress through damaged high heels. No more spending of additional money for repairs.


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