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How do I get the “Highheeldoc” protector to evenly shrink around the heel?

Start applying the heat and make sure you apply the heat all around the heel evenly until it shrinks and starts staying in place. Then continue and work with your hairdryer around the entire heel.


I have already damaged heels - Can I still use the “Highheeldoc”?

Yes you can - and it will help to hide the scratched or damaged heel. However, dependent on how bad the damage is, the protector may not shrink perfectly smoothly around your heel. It may have a bump or it may protrude from the heel where the damage is. But for most damaged heels it will work out perfectly fine - try applying one heel and see how it looks.


Can I move, or reposition the “Highheeldoc” once they have been fitted?

After having shrunk the “Highheeldoc” or protector, you should leave it in that position. When you try to move them you could get air inside and then they will not be as subtle in their appearance. Make sure you position them in the correct spot and then leave them where they have shrunk to.


Where do I position my “Highheeeldoc”?

Start to position them from the bottom of your shoe/heel (above the rubber heel stopper)


What length do I cut the “Highheeldoc”/protector to?

This is a personal choice and every woman must decide this for herself. Most damage occurs about 1,5 till 3cm from the bottom of the heel. We recommend an average length of 2,5cm. Take a closer look at your already damaged heels and you will get a better idea of what length you need to protect your heel. Then cut to that length.


Can I reuse the “Highheeldoc” protectors and can they be transferred from shoe to shoe or heel to heel?

The answer is NO. They are designed to be applied only once. To remove them, you will have to cut a small slit at the top or bottom on the inside of your heel and then peel them apart. So, after having them peeled off, you will not be able to use them again.


When do I need to replace the “Highheeldoc”

They will last longer depending on how much you use your shoes, so this depends on how much you wear your heels. It is actually a personal choice. We recommend to replace them after they look dirty, have been scuffed or when they start looking bad. The BIG advantage is that you only have to replace the “Highheeldoc” (at a minimal cost!!) to make your heels like new again.


Can I over-heat or over-shrink the “Highheeldoc”

You cannot overheat them with a hairdryer (only if you would apply excessive heat from something like an industrial heat-gun, rather than a simple hair dryer). The more you heat them the more they shrink. They will shrink up to 50% of their original size. After they have shrunk to the heel, you will achieve best results if you continue and keep moving the hair dryer for an additional 10 seconds or so around the heel to ensure that the “Highheeldoc” has completely shrunk to its maximum capacity. This also avoids that air enters between the heel and the protector.


Why isn’t my “Highheeldoc” shrinking to the mould of my heels?

This can have 2 reasons:

  • You selected a tube size that is too wide for your heel. Remember:  the “Highheeldoc” protector will shrink up to 50% of its original size. So, if you selected a size which is too wide and has too much air gap, the protector may not have sufficient shrinking capacity to take up all of the air gap. SIMPLY SELECT A SMALLER SIZE TUBING.
  • Your hair dryer may not be hot enough for the tubing to shrink. Switch your hair dryer to the highest heat-level. Most hair dryer shrink the tubing within 60 seconds.